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I am Eric at All Party Starz Entertainment. I have been doing weddings for over 35 years and for many years I did many many Bridal Shows.  These shows always frustrated me as our approach is very consultative and it is very hard to to do that at a Bridal Show.  I have chosen to no longer do Bridal Shows and we have tried to keep our prices at a level where we still provide the best in service, quality, sound and lighting, but can save you that extremely high cost of doing these shows.. We do free in person or over the phone consultations while trying to work with your schedule, but for those of you who lack the time, we have put this information together here. along with our Bridal Show Specials!

So here you go!  If you are a new bride or groom or family or friend of one, we want to give you some info to help you and also offer you our special we would be offering at these Bridal Shows. Our specials will correspond to the local shows on our area and will run until 7 days after the last local show.

Wedding Wonderland Bridal Show is on Jan 13th in York PA.  Our annual Bridal Show Specials will start on Dec. 26th and run through the end of the local shows, normally in mid February

Bridal Showcase at Best Wedding Showcase ran 4 shows in 2019 from Jan 6th until Feb 10th, so our Bridal Showcase Specials ended on Feb 17th, 2019.
Check back next season.

Doing all 5 of these shows run the vendors a minimum of about $1000 per show ($5000 total) with about another $2000 in display and marketing costs for a total of about $7,000 on the low end.  Just paying for that alone will cost most companies about $100-$200 per wedding.  The companies that do larger booths are either doing more weddings or that cost goes up even more.  We always do free consultations with all couples and pass the savings on to you by offering more discounts than almost any other company.

We offer a Testimonial Discount to all couples in exchange for a 60-90 second interviews towards the end or just after your wedding. Many brides are concerned the reviews they read on the Knot and Wedding Wire and even Google are fake reviews, so we prefer to allow other customers to see the actual words of our customers right there the day of the event.

ADDITIONALLY, We offer all public servants including healthcare, teachers, police, fire and military discounts.. You spend your life serving others, the least we can do is give you a small discount.

Lancaster PA, York PA  ** BRIDAL SHOW SPECIALS ** Reading PA, Harrisburg PA

Since our Bridal Show Specials have ended, we still have a special offer for you:  1. You can choose to get 50% off all add-ons for lighting, sound, audio visual gear for photo video montages, customized gobos etc. This could save you as much as $500 on your event. 

The Bridal Show Specials are in addition to and NOT instead of other discounts.  So, if willing to do a testimonial (good or bad, we do not tell you what to say) video, and in the military and doing lighting or sound add-ons, you get all of the discounts, not just the largest.

Now, we can meet in person ,but here is a great deal of what we go over when we meet!
These videos go over a great deal of our process

General Event info regarding DJ's and planning times for your event:

2019-2020 Wedding DJ Pricing Packages and Options <<Click the link<<
We have taken our 3 Wedding Packages and Offered tons of variations on them to give ability to find the price you want.
Key factor is number of guests, number of hours, Ceremony system or not, Cocktail system or not. Options are listed at
bottom so you can change any of them as you see fit to get what you want.

Short Demo on our On-line Wedding Event Planner 

Wedding Planning – Your Timeline – How We Manage It and a bit of why?

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