All Party Starz Response to COVID-19 Outbreak

To Our Clients and Fellow Vendors from Starz Owner Eric Godfrey:

We understand the difficulties you are facing in planning your important event right now. Our entire livelihood revolves around live entertainment at events. This has made it difficult for us, but we are human beings and we always strive to be honest, transparent, and fair. We treat this as a safety issue and legitimate health concern. While politicians use this a political football, we just want what is best for all of us.

For that reason, we will be respectful of your wishes. If you want a knock-down, drag-out, all out dance party, we are here for you and we will take pre-cautions as best we can while not interfering with your desire to have fun. If you are hypersensitive to the guidelines of the CDC, we will also respectfully assist you as best we can.

We have been trained, certified and now act as instructors in teaching others to be a true event entertainer and not just a music box DJ. There are many things we can do to add enjoyment to your event that do not revolve around just dancing. We always have meetings to discuss these things and now have full capability to do these meetings online via Google Meet if required for your convenience.

Special info on COVID 19 Pandemic.

1. EASE OF MIND: If you already have an event booked or are looking at booking soon:
Our Event retainers are not refundable, HOWEVER, in the event you must cancel for reasons linked to COVID-19 cancellations, closures, or health issues, we are allowing all events to be rescheduled for up to one year with NO RESCHEDULING FEES. In event of cancellation that retainer amount can be applied to any other event for up to one year. Ask us about details on this program. We may have to assign another DJ to your event, but we will continue to deliver the best services we possibly can.

2. During planning we can spend some time talking about staging and planning of events to create more special moments during your reception that do not revolve around dancing. If you have no concerns (and are sure none of your guests will have concerns) over a packed dance floor let us know and we will not cover these issues with you and will keep more time reserved for dancing.
– We are providing many steps to make our performance and gear safer for you such as:
– Guest requests via text or an app that we provide.
– Mics rotated, cleaned, and sanitized at each event and
– general common-sense approach!

3. Photo – Video Sharing app that comes 1t half price ($100 instead of $200) with our Platinum Package or can be added to other packages for $200.
– It allows all guests to log into your event and share any photos or videos they choose which go to a live slideshow which we display on a Large Screen by the dance floor.
– The slideshow keeps repeating and adding any new content as it goes
– Photos and video stay available on the app for at least a year in HD format so you and your guests can see, download and or share or print any of the photos.
– If you choose you can share the private URL and anyone who could not make it for whatever reason can watch the slide show live as your event is happening.
– If you like they can even shoot a selfie or normal video message that we can play on the system at your event.
– This app also allows you to attach a tablet photo booth to it and have that add photos as they are taken all night.
** For the photobooth option, we can provide a tablet, a backdrop, and props for $300 for you to use all night. **
Give me a call if you want to chat or have any questions!
– Reduced costs on Photo video montages of your lives and how you came together or for personalized Love Story presented to you in front of your guests. Ask us about details!



Eric Godfrey
Owner, All Party Starz


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