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DJ Eric Godfrey

I started this many years ago because I absolutely loved music.. Over the years that has shifted and while I still love MOST music, I love working with people and using music to make their events better.  I have done countless weddings and actually countless other events over the years.  I study reactions and results of varying actions as a science and I can often tell you what the result will be if you do a certain thing. However, none of that is set in stone, and there are always exceptions.  So, while I try to use my experience to tell you what style and what order and method will have the best results, I still have to turn it back to you and respect that it is your event and you may still want it differently. If that is the case, I will give the best result I can for the style that you request.
Your wedding is a series of waves of energy and events that will be so much better if we stage them properly for guests and participants. Special moments can happen so much more frequently if we plan and set them up properly. I agonize over every detail to try to give you the best event I can.  That is my promise to you.  Enjoy our online planning tools.  I have spent years getting them to what I think are the best you will find in the entire industry. Our music database is linked to 1000's of other DJ companies and is designed to give you all the choices that are most popular work the best, or you can add you own custom songs that are special to you.    Call TODAY and let us get started with helping you.