DJ Tori Jacobs

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Tori Jacobs

Tori Jacobs

DJ | MC | Karaoke | Trivia & Event Host

Music has always been a huge part of my life. I started my journey into DJing and hosting karaoke from a very young age, singing in chorus and church choir, going to karaoke shows and attending many concerts. I started hosting karaoke back in 2013 when a host of a regular show I attended wanted the summer off. The rest is history. Not only did I get to learn equipment and how to work the crowd, but I got to do something that I have a passion for. I joined the All Party Starz crew in 2016, starting with karaoke and evolved into a full-fledged DJ for Sweet 16’s, corporate parties, birthday and graduation parties, picnics, trivia, theme parties and weddings as well! I am extremely looking forward to helping each couple to achieve their happily ever after.

My favorite part of being a DJ is interacting with the crowd. Whether it is just making someone laugh, giving a bit of encouragement, or partying it up, every experience makes my heart flutter. I can’t describe what it feels like to be told that you are someone’s hero for helping them get over their stage freight, or that their daughter wants be a DJ after attending one of your events. They say you never work a day in your life if you do what you love and I can one hundred percent agree.

As the youngest DJ in our company, I am very well versed in all of the latest hits, as well as songs and artists that span through the decades. I am a huge fan of the eighties particularly. My biggest musical influence is Pat Benatar. She is not only extremely talented, but has great values and stands up for what she believes in. I also listen to a lot of pop-punk, metal, classic rock, alternative and pop music in my downtime.


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