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Our Lancaster DJ team is small, but very diverse:

Owner and Founder DJ Eric Godfrey

Eric has been perfecting his craft as a DJ for 35 years.. He has completed over 2000 weddings, won countless awards and will be the first to tell you he learns new things regularly.  Eric has done nearly every type of event, but has come to love helping couples with weddings.. He demands organization, professionalism and true care for the outcome of the event.. If those things are not the goal then a DJ can not work under the name of All Party Starz Entertainment.
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DJ Jimmy Rodriguez (DJ-KJ King James)

Jimmy does a great deal of club work and can handle all types of events
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DJ Lawrence Hill ( DJ Cool Las)

DjCool Las does a great deal of club work all over Lancaster County and has been very well known all around lancaster for about 20 years. He has become quite diverse and can handle just about any kind of event.
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DJ-KJ Tori Jacobs

Tori has multiple skills handing Karaoke, DJ, Trivia, Game Shows and Wedding Events.  Her friendly and bubbly personality makes her one of our most popular DJ choices.
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