Do you !All Party Starz Performance Guarantee

We want to give you a fair and honest guarantee so here are details on all topics with literal cash amounts specified!

1. Contract Guarantee

We provide a written contract for every event which covers all details of every event as well as summarized key points sent to venue and to customer.  We go over your obligations and protections as well as ours.  We give 7 days from date of retainer for customers to change their mind. We DO NOT want any buyer's remorse.  We set rules, but we are human. Call us to discuss anything and we are always open to discussions.

2. Event Planning Guarantee

We train all of our DJ's and all are FAME DJ School certified.  We are event professionals, not just a jukebox service. If you are looking for the cheapest music you can find, we might not be the service for you!  We offer you knowledge, experience and professionalism as well as top grade equipment and music, karaoke or trivia resources.

We do guarantee our planning system will be available, however we also require that you use them to be covered by our guarantees. All of your music requests, vendor names and contacts, and names of all key individuals for your event must be entered into the online planning system at least 7 days prior to your event. If you are having trouble, we have videos online to help and we are in our office daily and can set up a meeting to go over anything you do not understand.

3. Coordination with other Professionals Guarantee

All Party Starz Guarantees to help coordinate your event in conjunction with your other service professionals well BEFORE your event starts.  We provide you worksheets online to fill out their contact info and we contact all of them 10 days prior to event to go over details.  This should give you confidence that all vendors (Photographers, Videographers, Catering staff, etc.) will be working together from the same plan at your event.

4. All Party Starz Website Guarantee

All Party Starz Guarantees we will have our website available for you with 99.5% up-time (as provided by our web hosting company) barring un-foreseen maintenance

Many of our clients are destination weddings and we constantly are told this is one of the best resources they received from any vendor. Call us and let's get you set up today!

 5. Special Song Events MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

All Party Starz Guarantees to provide all songs for your formal dances and other special songs as long as you provide the formal music list via your online event planner at least 10 days prior to the event and the song that is “Commercially available in the US”. This means it can not be out of print, or be a song only available by import..

These songs included for various special events:
1. Bride – Groom or Honored Guest(s) First Dance
2. Bride – Groom or Honored Guest(s) Introduction Song
4. Corporate Theme Song (where applicable)
5. Father/Daughter Dance (weddings only)
6. Mother/Groom Dance (weddings only)

** These song selections are required to be submitted via our online planning system.
We send out a verification email 7 days prior to event listing all of your selections.  You must review this and notify us of any discrepancies from the MUSIC LIST before the event. As long as this is done, this list stands. If we are not notified of an issue, we can not be responsible.
Honestly, this never happens, but in the event it does… We will pay you $100 for any occasions where we play the wrong song!!

6. Performance Guarantees ($$ Guarantee)

 All Party Starz Guarantees we will be at your contracted event!  If we are not you will receive a full refund of every dollar paid. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED!  If we arrive less than 60 minutes prior to a formal event and are not playing music at your scheduled time , we will give you a pro-rated refund of any time lost or will play late to make it up, whichever is best for you.
**Refunds are based on 1/2 hours and being 1 minute late or into that time slot counts for the entire 1/2 hour.
** In the event circumstances at your event or with the venue keep us from starting on time, that voids this guarantee.  (i.e. Electrical issues, access issues or issues with venue, you or your guests)

7. Proper Attire Guarantee

We always dress appropriately for every event. Formal events require formal attire.  At casual events we will normally ask how you want us dressed.  If not covered we will normally be in slacks and a collared shirt (or dress for our female DJ's).

Each section of this guarantee starts with the words: “All Party Starz Guarantees”. This is our guarantee to you in writing – and referenced on our contract.

We assume every event is an important day to you and we will respect that. Whether a life-time mile-stone or a Company function, why trust that special day to a service that does not value it's importance to you?

What is the value All Party Starz will deliver to me for my special event or wedding reception? Do you want the cheapest or the most professional at a fair and reasonable price!

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