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This is our online event planning system that is avaialable to you 24/ 7
Watch the video for an explanation of wha tyou can do.. For a specific tutorial video, check below:


Online Planner – 24/7 Event Planning

  • Song Lists for every special song for your event!
  • Listen to song clips, Check out Lyrics, etc!
  • Compile list for all requests and categorize by importance!
  • Optional Shared log-in allowing guests to make requests-song dedications!
  • Interview as to how you want each section of event to be handled
  • Tracking of all contract and contact info with all vendors!
  • Timeline for your event that can be shared with vendors!
  • Track Names of Wedding Party / Family or Event Participants – Print out for rehearsal!
  • Choices on how to handle each item on your schedule!
  • Print worksheets, contracts , invoices, etc anytime!


Longer Event Planner Tutorial Video

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