Events & Wedding Video and Photo Sharing App

  • Your Photographer or Videographer takes photos of you all day! Wouldn't you like candids of all your guests having a great time!
  • Would it be nice to have multiple views of key moments within your event?
  • What if you had 10, 20, 30 or 50 or more people sharing their best photos and videos so all your guests can share, save, or even print them out at will!
  • How excited would your guest get to see their great photos displayed on a big screen live at your event? Think they might take more so they get their photo up on the live display?
  • How great would it be to have those photos immediately instead of after weeks or months of processing?
  • Do you have aunts & uncles, grandparents, or anyone else that can not make it to your event that might want to record a greeting to be played at the event along with toasts?  We can collect this and play it through our system so you hear them and get to see them on the big screen!
Photo Sharing App
Photo Sharing App

Video & Photo Sharing App for Your Event

Photo – Video Sharing app that comes FREE with our Platinum Package or can be added to other packages for $200.
– It allows all guests to log into your event and share any photos or videos they choose which go to a live slideshow which we display on a Large Screen by the dance floor.
– The slideshow keeps repeating and adding any new content as it goes
– Photos and video stay available on the app for at least a year in HD format so you and your guests can see, download and or share or print any of the photos.
– If you choose you can share the private URL and anyone who could not make it for whatever reason can watch the slide show live as your event is happening.
– If you like they can even shoot a selfie or normal video message that we can play on the system at your event.
– Reduced costs on Photo video montages of your lives and how you came together or for personalized Love Story presented to you in front of your guests. Ask us about details!

Free Photo Booth Option!

– This app also allows you to attach a tablet to take photos that acts as a photo booth,  These photos are automatically added into the live slide show as they are taken all night.
** For the photobooth option, we can provide a tablet, a backdrop, and props for an additional $300 for you to use all night. ** $500 total with photo video app. Platinum Package includes the app so only an additional $300.  Princess Bride Package includes the app and the Open Air Digital Photo Booth Option!
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