*** Public Servant Specials ***

Teachers, You support us every day! We just want to say THANK YOU!


a Discount on your service! 

Military, Police, Fire, Nursing or Medical Support – $100 off package or a FREE HOUR added to any package
Any Essential Front-Line, Retail, Teachers, Public Service Employee can get $50 off package or a free 1/2 hour added to any package.

*** Max Discount $150 per couple

Starz Pearl ** $925

  • Reception only – 4 hours
  • Sound system for up to 75 guests
  • DJ-MC for event
  •  Standard options listed below
  • * Add ceremony set for  ceremony  and includes 15 mins of prelude music for $125. 4 hrs and 15 mins of music total (You can add 30 minutes extra at beginning for $50 4 hr 45 mins coverage)
  • **Add a subwoofer upgrade to support up to 150 guests for $100

Starz Standard ***

(5hrs/100guests/2 sets)
$1345 ***
(6hrs/150guests/3 sets)

  • Ceremony & Reception – 5 hours (2 sets of gear)
  • Ceremony set includes lapel mic plus 2 additional wireless mics. (Most companies charge extra for this!)
  • 6 active dance lighting effects on stand (Most DJ's charge extra for this as well!)
  • Sound system for up to 100 guests
  • DJ-MC for event
  •  standard options listed below *This can be used for reception only  with 2nd system used for separate cocktail area as well. *If no 2nd system is needed subtract $50 for reception only. ($1045) * See up-lighting and Photo Video Sharing Specials listed below!

  • **Add a subwoofer upgrade to support up to 150 guests for $100, Add a cocktail system for $100 (coverage in 3rd area) or add and hour for $150.
    Discounts if applying 2 or more of these.  All 3 for $250 as shown above.

Starz Platinum ** $1495

  • Ceremony & Reception – 6 hours (up to 3 sets of gear)
  • Ceremony set includes lapel mic plus 2 additional wireless mics. (Most companies charge extra for this!) 
  • 6 active dance lighting effects on stand (Most DJ's charge extra for this as well!)
  • Sound system for up to 200 guests
  • DJ-MC for event 
  • 3rd sound system for cocktail hour
  • 8 up-lights
  • Complimentary cell phone charging station
  •  Standard options listed below


Included at no additional charge!  We can remove it and reduce price by $100.

*Read for details

Princess Bride ** $2095

  • All options same as Platinum Package  except
  • 7 hours instead of 6, with 3 sound systems (ceremony, reception for up to 250 guests & cocktail system)
  • DJ and MC for event
  • 12 up-lights
  • 100+ LED and/or Glow sticks for dance floor
  •  Photo backdrop with props for fun photos (** FOR $2595 upgrade to 4 hours of full photo booth with attendant **)
  • Custom monogram on Big Screen TV for photo video montage
  • Customized wedding intros for wedding party
  • Standard options listed below

All Packages Include:

  • DANCE FLOOR LIGHTING AT NO EXTRA COST– Many DJ’s charge extra for this!
  • PACKAGE LENGTHS are for performance time from beginning to end of event. Set-up and Tear Down time is before and after and does not count against your package time. It is included in your pricing.
  • State of the Art  Planning System with 24-7 Access and Guest Access if desired. Make payment, print invoice or receipt or even contract at any time!
  •  Our ceremony packages include us playing 15-30 minutes prior to ceremony start time at no cost.. Most DJ’s start your package time 30 minutes prior meaning you lose 30 minutes of coverage at end or pay extra.
  • We offer PUBLIC SERVICE DISCOUNTS for military, police, fire, teachers and nursing / med-tech. Let us know if you qualify for any of those!
  • ** ALL PACKAGE PRICES show already have $100 testimonial discount subtracted.  This is a 90 second interview towards end or after event about how you enjoyed event.  SAY WHATEVER YOU LIKE!  You do not have to do this, but if not price is $100 more for package.  We subtract it in displayed pricing as almost no one says “NO” to participating.  That $100 is charged up front and discounted Monday after the interview is completed.
  • Our local service area is 50 miles or a 1 hour drive from center of Lancaster PA.  Our out of area service fee is $3 per mile for every mile over 50 miles from Lancaster PA (We round up to nearest $10 or $25 increment).  This compensates our DJ for additional drive time and fuel and vehicle expenses.

Options or Add-Ons

  • Over-time or extra time is always $150 per hour or $75 per 1/2 hour.
  • PHOTO BOOTHS CAN BE ADDED FOR AS LITTLE AS $500 to any package!(2 hours with props, attendant, and gift booklet. Add extra time for $100 per hour)
  • Do not have $500 in your budget for a PHOTO BOOTH?  Add a Photo Backdrop with props table $300 – PhotoBooths became big before everyone had cell phones. We provide you an 6 to 10 ft wide backdrop and a table full of props and everyone can take their own photos (Includes a tablet on a stand to save all photos to an online drive that we will share with you for all your guests after the event.
  • Give your event that special extra touch – add a custom monogram Gobo for $75-$250 depending on options!
  • Add 50 more guests for $100 (upgrade to sound system)
  • Cocktail Hour system (music only) for $100
  • Up-lights $35 each (minimum of 4 – must have outlets), DMX battery powered $50 each ( minimum of 4) 
  • 100 LED Glow Sticks $75

  • LCD Projector and Screen for custom Monogram Gobo or Photo Video Montage (including playing source) $200 (or we can provide a 50″ LED TV on stand instead of projector and screen.)
  • Customized Intros, special music and intro for each member of Wedding Party – $100
  • Add a DJ in addition to your MC – $250
  • Budget system for ceremony starting 30 minutes prior to reception and includes 15 mins of prelude music directly before reception starts for $125.

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